28 years old

New Jersey

Name:: Talia Tucker

Nicknames:: Tal or TT

Birth Date:: 6/18/1991

Birth Place:: Washington D.C.

Hair Color:: Black

Eye Color:: Brown

Height:: 5’10”

Piercings:: I lost count. Maybe 5 that are still open?

Tatoos:: Four. My favorite is an Oscar Wilde quote on my arm, “To define is to limit.”

Heritage:: Korean and Jamaican


Food:: Other than Jamaican or Korean, probably Pho or Mexican food

Drink:: Coffee or wine

Season:: Summer

Day of the Week:: Tuesdays just feel right

Color:: Pink

Place in U.S:: Other than home, I LOVE New Orleans

Place outside U.S:: The Canary Islands

Magazine:: Outdated question lol. I don’t know. Tiger Beat?

Pet:: my cat, Bowie

Feeling: Driving with the windows down on a hot day with my favorite throwback jams playing

Do You..

Shower Daily:: I miss a day here and there

Brush your Teeth Daily:: Yes, my parents are dentists

Sing:: Poorly but yes

Dance:: Not with these knees

Read Books:: Yes! I recently finished Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston.

Play an Instrument:: Clarinet and I’m proficient in a few others

Do You Believe In..

Ghosts:: Duppies! Yes, I think so.

Aliens:: Abstractly

God:: Oh my Chuck, yes

Devil:: I’d say so

Heaven:: Yes

Hell:: Yes

Afterlife:: Sure, why not?

Have You Ever..

Been Arrested:: No

Cheated:: No

Stripped:: No

Kissed more than two people in one night:: Yes

Kissed someone of the same sex:: Yes

Lied:: Yes

Gotten into a fight:: Yes

Passed out:: Yes

Stolen anything:: Yes